Lost Ark: Complete Cube Guide (Rewards, Floors, etc.)

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In Lost Ark, there are many activities you can take part in once you reach level 50, which can cause some confusion for new players. Today we are talking about the Cube, which comes in the form of challenges to be carried out solo or in a group.

Lost Ark: Complete Cube Guide (Rewards, Floors, etc.)

The Cube is a succession of rooms, each representing a challenge to complete to move on to the next stage. The more rooms you meet, the bigger the reward chest will be. These chests contain, in particular, refining materials, works of art, or recipes for engravings.

The Cube does not represent an insurmountable challenge, even if some rooms with “OneShot” mechanics may come as a surprise. Access to this content is limited, as you will need to collect entrance tickets to Chaos Dungeons.



The Cube, Quesaco?

There are different cubes accessible according to your progress in the game. The Cube (Normal) is the one reserved for level 1. The Elite Cube is reserved for level 2, while the Dimensional Cube is offered to players with equipment for landing 3.

To enter, you will need a ticket (the quest offers the first). These tickets can be collected in the Chaos Dungeons and, more precisely, on the final boss of floor 2. 

Tips: Be aware that it is only possible to collect entrance tickets to the Cube when you have daily energy (first two chaos dungeons each day.


The Cube is a series of square rooms with four doors that will be closed when you arrive. You must complete the requested challenge to open one of these doors randomly. There are several types of challenges:

  • Survival Level (Blue Door): this challenge requires you to run around the room, dodging attacks from bumps, explosions, and a whole bunch of red zones that mean you harm
  • Elite Level (Purple Gate): Eliminate enemies (contains elites)
  • Average Level (Gray Door): Eliminate enemies (waves of normal monsters)
  • Standard level (Green door): Eliminate enemies (waves of normal monsters - ranged attacks)
  • Boss Level (Orange Door): Eliminate enemies (contains one or several bosses)
  • Fortune Level (Golden Gate): Eliminate enemies (has normal mobs and chests – earn Lost Ark gold)


When you complete a cube room, a colored door opens randomly, giving you information about the challenge of the next room.

On each floor, you will be hit with a random effect, a debuff, or a buff. These effects are, for example:

  • The shield that takes 10,000 damage
  • Regeneration of hit points
  • Reduced skill cooldowns
  • Additional damage
  • Inability to use items
  • Reduced hit points
  • Reduced vision
  • Reduced movement speed


The more you progress in the rooms, the more your chest will offer you essential rewards.

Stage Reward
1 – 2 Nothing
3 – 6 bronze chest
7 – 9 silver chest
10 – 12 gold chest
13 – 14 Platinum Chest
15+ Diamond Chest

The Cube Rewards Depending on the completed Cube, you get rewards, including refining materials, engraving recipes, or even works of art.


Type – Tier Awards
Cube NormalTier 1 Star Breaths
Engraving Recipes (rare)
Masterpiece (14, 24)
Elite CubeTier 2 Breaths of the Moon
Engraving Recipes (epic)
Masterpiece (14, 24, 36, 40)
Dimension CubeTier 3 Sun Grace Sun
Protection Sun
Engraving Recipes (legendary)
Masterpiece (14, 24, 36, 40, 45)
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