Lost Ark: The best tips guide for new players!

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For new players, it's not easy to play Lost Ark well. Not only do you need to master the different mechanics, items, gameplay, and skills in the game, but you also need more practical experience. Lost Ark tips on getting started quickly and easily for new players have also been shared before. Today we come back to make up some of the remaining tips guides for new players!

Lost Ark: The best tips guide for new players!


First Steps (for new players)

Before T2, selecting the main character is not essential. Starting from T2, you have to pick the main character. But, when it's time to transition to T3, you can switch it if you don't like your choice. Once you pick your 'main' in T3, switching you are main is challenging. Up until T3, changing mains is no problem, so play as many characters as you want.

Adhere to the primary questline (orange). You can skip the yellow missions. Don't skip continents right after you have completed East Luterra and may sail. Your major quest is now the blue planet quest. This means that you should finish Tortoyk and Anikka before heading to Acetin.


You no longer need to complete any side quests to reach level 50. The recent patch on December 22nd has made it so that the main quest and the blue world quests alone reach level 50. No red emergency quests or yellow quests are needed at all anymore.


Just after finishing a few quests in North Vern, you need to have the ability to visit Beatrice in Trixion to obtain your level 50 skill and Awakening (most extraordinary ability).


Complete daily Una's Task and take your Weekly Una's Tasks. Short term, you should take Una's Tasks that give you Leap Stones or Fragments, as they are an essential item used for upgrading equipment that you frequently bottleneck on.

Rewards will increase and transform as you reach certain item level thresholds. Your daily and weekly Una's Tasks will grant more Lost Ark Silver and higher tier stones as your level increases.


Join a guild.


If your server is NA/EU, the goal is to raise as many characters as you want to reach item level 600 (+15 median). No higher than this, even if the item level cap is 725. This is because this is a set-up for T2, and by having multiple characters at 600, you can begin generating relevant upgrading materials for T2 immediately.


Likewise, when you reach T2, the goal is to bring these same characters to item level 1100 and then stop. This once again is a set-up for having multiple T3 characters. If you don't set up alts to reach this level, they will not generate relevant materials for your main.


How to become stronger in Lost Ark?

This is for newer players that are just starting in Lost Ark, that have decided to jump on RU, JP, or KR to try out the game while waiting for EU/NA.


Raise your item level. This shouldn't cost much because, on all of these servers, there are oil items that are sent to your mail that guarantee upgrades and refund some of the cost. Be mindful that the oils are shipped in stages, so you might have to upgrade all items to a specific enhancement before they send you more. At no point should you need to upgrade with an RNG chance until you've caught up to where the oils should bring you? Note that once you receive the Nostalgia update, the game should remove oils, and you'll have a 100% upgrade chance on earlier progression until you catch up.


Get a proper mobbing and a proper bossing build from experienced players on the unofficial Discord. You have two skill presets, so it's good to have one for both. Don't make one universal build.


Make sure to have the proper stats for your class and build. Some classes rely heavily on the Specialty stat, so you should keep an eye out for these types of accessories while you're leveling. This is especially the case as you reach the Relic accessories of each tier. Having the proper combat stats (Critical, Specialty, and Agility) is more important than having higher raw base stats (things like Dexterity and HP).


Engravings are extremely important. If you're using the catch-up accessories they provided to you, you most likely only have Heavy Armor. You should first check to see if your class and build require Class Engraving (via class channels in the unofficial Discord and ask there). Depending on your region, there should almost always be some sources of Engraving Selection Pouches that you can go after. Due to the speed you upgrade to T3 on older servers, I would start worrying about Engravings starting from T3. However, you should imprint your Class Engraving on your rings if it works well at level one (see Engraving section).


Mark your tripod notification window. It would help to mark tripods for your raiding/bossing build (mobbing skills do not need this). It's free. Leveling up tripods accounts for a pretty significant amount of extra damage. You cannot have two exact tripod boosting lines. It will only take the highest one.


Cards are not that important early on. Because offensive bonuses require Awakening the cards, which you cannot do as a new player, equip ones that provide HP bonuses or general resistance bonuses, but be mindful of the excellent card sets, if you're a DPS, you may want to join a Discord group when the merchant for Celia's card spawns.


When you're doing Chaos Dungeon, sometimes you might drop a weapon that has significantly better quality than yours. If the quality difference accounts for a significant difference in Additional Damage, then you should consider succeeding in that item. It's free damage. The same applies to armor.


When you get T2, you will start dropping jewels. Jewels improve the damage and lower the cooldowns of specific skills. You equip these jewels into your accessories. Don't worry too much about re-rolling them into the right skills until they're like level 4-5. You cannot stack two of the same type of gems (so two damage gems for the same skill). But you can have one damage and one cooldown gem for it. When you transition to a higher tier, you can still use these gems for a little bit, but there will be a massive penalty, so you'll have to replace them.


Get more skill points. Skill points that you obtain from drinking a potion are account-wide.


Obtain runes. All runes that you obtain are account-wide.


What conditions are required for selecting PVE class as a reference in Lost Ark?

I'll help you pick from the original roster of 12. Disclaimer: All classes are delicate, so choose the one you identify best with. These have mostly joked descriptions, so proceed to the table below for better explanations.


Step 1

  • I want to deal with the damage (proceed to Step 2).
  • I want to support (proceed to Step 3).


Step 2

  • I want something simple and familiar (proceed to Step 4).
  • I want something more unique in playstyle and maybe less popular (proceed to Step 5).


Step 3

  • I don't actually "support"; I do high damage, don't die, and occasionally Taunt interrupts boss patterns (pick Gunlancer).
  • My character has to be cute. Oh, and genuine support, not a fake one like Gunlancers pretend to be (pick Bard).
  • I want to be a manly man who orients more towards damage buffs than keeping my team alive. Who needs heals anyways (pick Paladin)?
  • I want to go to jail (pick Artist).


Step 4

  • I want to fight at close range (proceed to Step 6).
  • I want to fight from a distance (proceed to Step 7).


Step 5

  • I want to be a substantial hulking dude with a massive hammer. Slow, big damage numbers, and so tanky I get to ignore boss mechanics (pick Destroyer).
  • I want something super strong 40% of the time and somewhat weak the other 60% of the time. Also, bonus points if it's Goku from Dragon Ball Z (pick Soulfist).
  • I want to pretend I'm a female Gambit from X-Men. Also, I'm a TF main in League of Legends (pick Arcana).
  • I want a massive cannon. I like to have wrinkles in my brain and plan out how my enormous damage will land on my opponent a few seconds later than my inputs (pick Artillerist).


Step 6

  • I love big words, and I'm more closely related to primates than average humans today (pick Berserker).
  • I want to be super agile and punch/kick fast. I don't mind auto-attacking between my skills for the rest of my life (pick Wardancer).
  • I want my attacks to feel like they pack a massive punch with much impact. I don't mind if my character screams at every chance she gets (pick Scrapper).
  • I want flashier skill effects, less auto-attacking, and more significant individual damage numbers than Wardancer (pick Striker).
  • I want to do mental gymnastics, and I enjoyed having Hotbar bloat from FF14/WoW (pick Deadeye).
  • I prefer to PVP more than PVE (pick Deathblade).
  • I want something with maximum edginess (pick Shadowhunter).


Step 7

  • I love listening to birds screech, and also I've been watching a lot of Marvel movies lately, and I'm a big fan of Hawkeye (pick Sharpshooter).
  • I want to cosplay as Megumin (pick Sorceress).
  • I want to take a nap while my friends do all the damage for me, and I'll loot the boss later when I wake up (pick Summoner).
  • I forgot that Deadeye exists and was picked based on meta discussions (pick Gunslinger).
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