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Whether classic or modern day, NBA 2K21 has some truly amazing basketball legends in MyTeam. Uncover uncommon and highly-rated player cards by participating in numerous rewarding game events and everyday and weekly challenges, and examine your hard-earned collection with friends and competitors.
Fans may have to wait a little for the action to return, but because of NBA 2K21 as well as the MyTeam mode they are able to bring their dream teams to life proper in front of their eyes.

If that's your style as well, it's fantastic to understand which cards in NBA 2K21's MyTeam are the finest 3-point shooters available within the mode. ten Jeff Hornacek '00 (88) Jeff Honracek in numerous methods was towards the Utah Jazz what Dennis Rodman was towards the Chicago Bulls.

Hornacek's jump shot was pure and his 88 all round card in NBA 2K21's MyTeam shows that as his 3-point shot features a rating of 92. 9 Gail Goodrich '79 (93) Coming in because the shortest player on this list standing at a height of 6'1" is Gail Goodrich with his MyTeam card in NBA 2K21.

To put this into point of view, Allen features a 3-point shot rating of 93, fantastic enough to tie for 3rd location in MyTeam, regardless of obtaining an all round greater than six points reduced than his closest competitors.

NBA 2K21 was gracious enough to offer Bird a MyTeam card which has a 3-point shooter rating of 95, a rating he earned thanks in huge element to his point-scoring potential he put on display through the entirety of his Hall of Fame career.

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