POE 3.3 Builds For Powerful League Starter with the Cyclone Champion

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From reports of another player, it can be challenging to destroy him with some other classes like the shadow. Much more or significantly less you grind the twilight beach until eventually, you kill Hillock and after that, you log out devoid of going to town! (After you go into town you cannot go back!!!) Then you log into your next scion and to the same... You constantly run to Hillcock and destroy all enemies while in the way until finally, you reach degree 7. Once you attain degree seven you simply straight (devoid of killing all mobs on the way) to Hillock and kill him until you get the Oni-Goroshi.

POE 3.3 Builds For Powerful League Starter with the Cyclone Champion


1.Pros and Cons

2.Gear in Detail





7.Leveling Guide


9.Pob Link and Skill Tree


Ways to manage Her Embrace DoT?

The negative impact... the injury more than time impact of Her Embrace may be seriously nasty... specifically through leveling. The 1st time you will truly feel this is when you destroy Kitava the initial time and get the resistance debuff. So what could you do towards this DoT?

- Cap your fire resistance! (use Purity of Fire & Elements, Ruby or Bismuth Flasks if necessary until finally, you get the gear to cap your resistances)

- Use 2-3 Life Flasks

- get as much life leech, life on hit and regeneration as possible 

- Stone Golem



Pros and Cons:

+ Fast Clearspeed

+ High DPS

+ Tanky

+ Very good sustain

+ Budget-friendly Starter Gear 

+ Fun & easy playstyle 

+ Sturdy League Starter

+ Immune to nearly everything

+ a speaking sword :)


- DoT impact of Her Embrace

- cannot do reflection maps devoid of setup adjustment

- no regeneration / lower regeneration is often annoying



Gear in Detail:

In general, try to get on every rare gear piece high life and resistances. The best for damage scaling is to get physical harm to attacks/crit chance/crit multiplier. It is very likely that you need some attributes on your gear ... specifically intelligence.

Somewhere on your gear, you might need "add % fire injury to attacks" to proc Her Embrace from Oni-Goroshi.

Weapon: Oni-Goroshi is our endgame weapon... you either can farm it directly at the start from lvl 1-7 or just buy it later. I used Scaeva swords until I had enough currency to buy one.

Body armor: Daresso Defiance (budget), Kaom's Heart, Belly of the Beast, a rare chest with high life and resistances.

Gloves: Haemophilia for great clear speed, Tombfist, Meginord's Vise for more Tankyness, Shaper's Touch or some rare gloves with high life and resistances.

Helmet: Starkonja's Head, Devoto's Devotion, or a rare helmet with high life and resistances. Look for a cyclone (40% dmg or 15% attack speed) or a golem (150% buff effect) helm enchantment.

Boots: Rare boots with +30% movement speed, high life, and resistances. A good enchantment is, for example, the +life/mana regen when hit, attack/cast speed when you killed an enemy...

Amulets: Carnage Heart, Daresso's Salute, IM presence (physical), Blood Grip or a good rare amulet.

Rings: Use your ring slot to cap your resistances, if possible get +10 gain life per hit on one of them, every ring should have at least 40 lives on them. Additionally, you can look for a curse on hit (Assassin's, Poacher's or Warlord's Mark). For injury look mainly for crit and physical injury to attacks.

Belt: A Stygian Vise with high life and resistances is best in the lot. Or an elder belt with "increased life recovery rate".




Life Flask: Normally try to get anti-bleeding on this flask. Very important for our survivability.

Diamond Flask: Try to get one with anti-curse effect.

Quicksilver Flask: For fast clear speed... try to get one with additional movement speed. For harder boss fights you switch this flask for another damage or defense flask.

Sulphur Flask: DPS boost and give as crazy additional regeneration on consecrated ground. Very important flask!

Atziri's Promise: Crazy for DPS ... and additional leech.




Cyclone - Fortify - Melee Physical Harm - Maim - Concentrated Effect / Increased Area of Impact - Increased Critical Harm

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Culling Strike - Ancestral Protector

CWDT (High level) - Summon Stone Golem - Blood Rage - Molten Shell

CWDT (Low degree) - Immortal Call - Enfeeble

Blasphemy - Blood Magic - Random Curse (setup to proc Adrenaline from Champion Ascendancy)




1) Unstoppable Hero

2) 1st to Strike, Last to Fall

3) Conqueror

4) Worthy Foe




- Soul of Solaris

- Soul of Gruthkul



Leveling Guide:

Initially, the decision you have to make: farm Oni-Goroshi directly at the start or buy it later. With Oni-Goroshi leveling will be seriously easy but the farm time is random between 6 - 22 hrs. I leveled my char without it and felt "Unstoppable Hero" additional or much less carry us anyway.

After you degree with Oni-Goroshi don't take "Resolute Technique" because it will prevent you to ignite (no crits) enemies and proc Her Embrace.

With Oni-Goroshi you might need way much more sustain to counter Her Embrace Debuff... get 2-3 life flask even though leveling. Additionally, use two Quicksilver Flasks for fast movement speed when leveling until eventually, you get your Whirling Blades setup going.

So if you simply level with self-found weapons on the way... a cyclone DPS check Ingame should be enough to decide which weapons to use when leveling. Here a list all of the unique swords. With level 60 I would recommend buying Scaeva swords because they are really solid and cheap.

On gear look for:

- life

- resistances 

- add % damage to attack (preferred physical damage)

- Life regeneration / life on hit / life leech

Before you start to use Cyclone you can use:

Molten Strike - Ancestral Call - Added Lightning Injury / Added Cold Damage / Added Fire Injury - Faster Attacks ...

Try to get all skill gems of the final setup as soon as possible to work. Other useful skills for leveling are:


The purity of Elements to cap your resistances

Herald of Ice / Ash / Thunder

In the Path of Building (https://pastebin.com/esL52ETD,) you can find some useful leveling item & be leveling skill tree.






Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/esL52ETD 

Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y7alfh2r

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