The complete guide to tell the difference between Scav AI and player in Escape from Tarkov

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Distinguishing AI Scavs from other players can be tricky. Fortunately, this guide will help you find the differences.


Escape from Tarkov is Battlestate Games' hybrid survival shooter MMORPG set in the fictional Russian Escape of Tarkov as its government collapses. Players enter Tarkov to capture as many locations and people as possible before escaping without being killed. There are two factions: PMCs and Scavs, with players primarily playing as the PMC faction.



The Savages, or Scavengers, are a primarily AI-controlled faction. Knowing the difference between the AI ​​and the player character can significantly affect a PMC player trying to get out of a war zone. Several methods inform them apart, but some differences are minor.



Watch AI Scavs' Moves Close

Having played enough of almost any first-person shooter, you will be able to notice the difference between the movement of the AI ​​and the movement of the player. Players will move more "naturally". And smoothly. AI movements will be more jerky and jerky. Another example of this is the AI ​​Scav rotation. This move is more jerky than the player-controlled Wild.



Scav AI always make a sound when they stop running

Usually to survive in Escape from Tarkov. Sounds attract attention and Escape from Tarkov skills. The Scav AI doesn't care. Consequently, when they run, they make a sound as soon as they stop running. It sounds like someone is pulling their feet.


The AI ​​goes from a full sprint to a complete stop. Players can do this, but most players won't because they don't want to risk creating sound. To avoid doing this "skrrt," listen to yourself, and release the run key before you stop moving.



Scav AI will only patrol certain areas

AI Scavs spawn in certain areas on the map, and they will patrol that area for the duration of the raid. They will not leave this zone and try to kill any PMC they see in their location.


Player-controlled wilds are not limited to such things. They can run anywhere on the map, and usually, they do it to get any loot, survive and loot. Generally speaking, player-controlled Scavs serve the same purpose as PMCs, so their behavior will differ from AI-controlled Scavs.



Scav AI Wild will shoot you on the spot. The player can hesitate

If a Dick hesitates upon seeing a PMC, that Dick is a Wild, controlled player. AI Scavs are not shy about shooting at PMCs. It's not the best way to tell a player-controlled Wild from an AI-driven Wild, as it requires full disclosure, but it's a method nonetheless.


Wild with artificial intelligence programmed. Kill the PMCs as soon as possible, and the player-controlled Scavs may be surprised, scared, or try to focus more on surviving and running away rather than killing you.



Wild players sometimes try to kill each other.

When a player joins the game as Scavs, AI-controlled Scavs will leave them alone, as Scavs usually have to work together. Also, player-controlled Scavs will still attempt to evacuate with whatever loot they have.


However, some player-controlled Scavs will attempt to kill other player-controlled and AI-controlled Scavs. This is a bad idea as the Scav AI will shoot at that player, but this has been known to happen and not infrequently. Sometimes they want prey.



Scav AIs will yell at you before they shoot

One detail that easily distinguishes Wild AIs from Wild players is that Wild AIs will always yell something in Russian before firing at PMCs.


Remember that player-controlled Wilds can press a button to transmit a voice line, but this is not automated. Also, with the recent addition of in-game chat, most players will speak into the microphone. However, if one wants to get into the details, AI players will deliver an aggressive line before shooting at the player. However, the player cannot speak aggressively until they have been fired.


We recommend that you familiarize yourself with other guides to popular games. Let's talk about the secrets and tricks that you can use in games to your advantage. And also about useful and interesting stories in video games.



PMCs are always players, so the Scav AI ​​will not be PMCs

The first and easiest way to tell the AI ​​from the players is that the AI ​​will never be a PMC. Private military contractors are purely playable characters who intend to have out in the zone with whatever gear they could try to have.


Wild AIs don't try to evacuate. Unfortunately, players may appear in the game as Wilds to balance the numbers, and they will try to be extracted. This complicates things, so you need to learn to distinguish between AI and player-controlled Scavs.


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