The FIFA 20 reverse cross technique

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The FIFA 20 reverse cross technique

Using the diagram above will give you another hazardous crossing style to try and score with. The vast majority of players, online will try to attack the goal-line and cross that way. The far post cross was exposed on FIFA 19 and will be used on FIFA 20 by using the new L1/LB cross, especially at the start as FIFA players are creatures of habit. The far post cross was potent, but U4GM still prefer the angle and method of turning back to the goal and crossing from there, as you can see in the diagram, this means that it not only makes you more unpredictable but also means that the crossing angle, trajectory, and speed is changed. This makes it so much harder for defenders to cope with and, U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Sellers score a massive amount of goals using this. Remember, if you're using the reverse cross, try to cross with the player's dominant foot. So, as you look at the diagram, from the right of the picture, use a right-footer. From the left of the image, use a left-footer. Good luck and see our new, improved heading section to compliment this area of the guide.

Player stats
This may seem fairly obvious to some of you, but you must know who to cross with. Essential statistics here are passing, curve, and vision. A player who has an early crossing trait can be handy for swinging old balls in for your strikers to attack the ball from deep. If you find yourself in space, with someone with high crossing stats, then get that ball delivered as soon as physically possible.

Know who is in the box
Barcelona, who we know has been one of the greatest club teams of all time and have been especially dominant in recent history, don’t always have a significant aerial threat in the area, hence why they rarely cross the ball, even from corners. You need to use their style as a guide; if you only have small, speedy players more often than not a tall, robust and powerful center-back or full-back will quickly deal with the danger even if you do cross the ball using all these tips. If you know you have a team full or aerial threats and who like to play the direct style with players such as Andy Carroll, then we’d suggest getting a couple of great crossers of the ball and then delivering the ball into the box at every possible opportunity.

Crossing angles
First of all, your player crossing the ball must be on his stronger foot and if possible, is facing towards the area he is passing to or at least on the angle (see below for more details). This, coupled with not having the sprint button on, will result in the optimum accuracy for the cross. Running parallel to the area is also useful if you want to whip an out-swinging ball away from the goalkeeper.
Crossing angles is one of the most crucial parts of crossing the ball. If your player is running away from goal at an angle, with the sprint button held down and you try across, then it will have little accuracy, insufficient power & height and you will be lucky to keep the ball in play. Usually, if you try, these two things will happen. Either the ball will swing over the bar for a goal-kick as the player falls away and the ball slices OR it will trickle into the area so the first defender can cut out the ball and play the football out. So, in conclusion, we strongly recommend against doing this at ANY point in a game. Trying a piece of skill such as the ball roll to improve your angle or going into a face-up dribble (see dribbling area of the guide) will help you create a better perspective to cross.

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