What Content will Update to Fortnite Season 5

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Season 4 of Fortnite is currently scheduled to end on July 9. If the previous seasons are any example, Season 5 will begin immediately after the downtime for the update on Tuesday, July 10. Here U4GM Editor Will share What will be coming to Fortnite Season 5, U4GM as a professional Fortnite Items website, provides safe, rapidly and cheap Fotnite Weapons for you personally. With over ten years of excellence, we have served a huge number of buyers. Should you are hesitating where to purchase Fortnite items, U4GM will be a good choice.

The Mysterious Hatch
There's a lone hatch found in the depths of Wailing Woods with seemingly no purpose. You can't destroy and certainly can't go inside. Now that there's a rocket in the mix, perhaps this will somehow be used to escape whatever the missile decides to hit?

Giant Dinosaur Footprint
At one point it seemed. Season 5 might be dinosaur themed when an enormous footprint was discovered to the west of Greasy Grove. Now it looks like it was merely something used for this season's movie and film theme, but you never know!

Strange Tree Roots
At one point during Season 4, unknown roots started to appear all across the map. Like the hatch, they can't be destroyed, and they seemingly have no purpose. Is there something growing underneath the map?

The Evergreen Dusty Divot
Dusty Divot received the most changes throughout Season 4, specifically the drilling of the meteor and the earth's reclamation of the area. Every week, additional trees and larger patches of grass are starting to appear in the area. While it might not point to what Season 5 will be about, it is worth noting that this area will most likely look different by the time Season 4 comes to an end.

Skulls on TVs
Starting with Week 7, dark redheads began to appear on every TV on the map. Similar to the last season's color bars that looked towards the end of the season, this strange message seems to be pointing at something big coming soon.

Inside the Meteor
The start of Season 4 brought the demise of Dusty Depot with a giant crater and a research center around the meteorite that created the impact.
With each passing week, the meteorite was continuously drilled into until the metallic object inside was fully revealed during Week 7. The purpose turned out to be some holding chamber and whatever was inside seems to have escaped.
These weekly changes coincided with the Blockbuster challenges where the final loading screen revealed the Visitor skin standing in front of the meteorite. Completing seven weeks of problems will unlock the Visitor outfit.
It's unclear how this will play into the rest of the season.

Transporting Hop Rocks
At the start of Season 4, Hop Rocks became available to collect at every crater on the map. Since then, they've slowly been moved into transport trucks and each week these trucks move to a different location.
Looking at them from afar, they seem to all be headed towards the villain's lair on the west side of the map where the rocket is at. What are all these Hop Rocks needed for?

The Missile Rocket
The evil lair on the west side of the map has been around since the start of Season 4, but it looks like it's going to play a much more significant role than previously expected.
According to a recent data mine of the 4.4 patch, the missile rocket is set to take off, and players will even be able to activate the missile themselves. Players who go to the evil lair now can see a new hologram enabled near the rocket.
To help further this, the leaked Week 8 loading screen shows the new Visitor outfit initiating a launch sequence on the missile.
What exactly happens once the rocket takes off? Nothing has been shared or leaked so far, but the remaining updates of Season 4 will surely start providing more answers.

Heroes vs. Villains
The theme for Season 4 seems to pit heroes against villains as so many of the costumes and skins play into this theme.
The two primary characters, Carbide and Omega, are the two heads of each faction. Both have their own set of unlockable challenges, and each skin features different unlockable parts that become increasingly harder to get. The Week 6 challenges have you spraypainting Carbide and Omega posters scattered across the map.
The second loading screen unlocked in the Blockbuster challenges shows Omega escaping the prison. Is he behind all the current mysterious like the skulls on TV and the transporting Hop Rocks?

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